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July has come to a close, but an important anniversary passed by without our mention. On Friday, July 25th, marked the 40th anniversary of the encyclical Humanae Vitae, by Pope Paul VI. It’s no secret that Humanae Vitae was poorly received. And pages and pages could be, and probably have been, written as to why ...read more
In the mellow days of summer, why not taking some time to relax with Sacred Scripture? Salt + Light Television is replaying every Friday evening the popular Lectio Divina series with Archbishop Thomas Collins. In each episode the Archbishop reads over a segment of Scripture, and then offers a reflection on it. Viewers can follow ...read more
As Pope Benedict enjoys the charming natural surroundings in Bressanone, one of his prayer intentions for August appropriately calls to mind seeing the beauty of God in Creation. Here are the Holy Father’s intentions for the month: General Intention: That the human family may know how to respect God’s design for the world and thus ...read more
Tonight’s Catholic Focus is special for a couple reasons: one being that it’s my very first! Secondly, the guests that appear on the program. The Catholic Register’s publisher and editor Joseph Sinasac joins me in studio to look at the world of Catholic media; it’s ups and downs, and why a journalist would want to ...read more
No doubt moms and families have a loooonnnggg list of Things to Do. School, sports, music, family time, chores, and on and on and on. So – take a look at that list again. Where does faith fit in? Today on Mothering, Full of Grace we’re talking schedules. Join moms as they talk about how ...read more
It’s been announced that Pope Benedict XVI will visit the shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in Pompei on October 19th. Pompei’s Bishop Carlo Liberati said that the Holy Father will celebrate Mass at the shrine, and will entrust himself, as well as the Synod of Bishops to the Virgin Mary. The ...read more
Pope Benedict’s offered a fond reflection on World Youth Day at his weekly Angelus address. Click HERE for that. You’ll note that in the Zenit translation, after the address, in Italian, the Holy Father said: I greet all those who are vacationing now, wishing them serene days of profitable physical and spiritual leisure. However, I ...read more
For part two of our two-part series called “Left Behind”, we had a chance to catch up one more time with Mr. Richard Valenti, Editor/Cameraman at Salt + Light Television. Q: Mr. Valenti, did we not wish you a safe trip to Toronto on FRIDAY? Why are you still here? Mr. Valenti: Well, apparently, we ...read more
Breaking news today: Air Canada Flight 730 departed Sydney for Toronto today, July 25th, leaving behind three prominent media personnel from Canada’s only Catholic Television Network, Salt + Light Television: Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, CEO; Mary Rose Bacani, Producer/Host; and Richard Valenti, Editor/Camera. For our “Left Behind” series, we were able to have an exclusive ...read more
As mentioned earlier, the main reason Fr. Tom came to Adelaide was to speak about St. Gianna Molla at a Triduum of Masses. Tonight, at the third and final night of his talks, something very special happened. But for you to appreciate the significance of what happened this night, you have to understand what we’ve ...read more