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It is the classic question I have for every couple: “How did you know he/she was the one?” It is the same question I have for every religious: “How did you know He was the One? And that this religious order was the one for you?” I love love stories (especially with the way women ...read more
This Sunday, November 23rd, at 9:00 pm ET Salt + Light TV premieres its newest documentary A Hand of Peace: Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust. The film could not come at a more appropriate time. More than fifty years have now passed since the death of Pope Pius XII and his legacy remains the ...read more
This past weekend I enjoyed a visit by some campus lay missionary friends from Kingston, Ontario. As we reconnected over all-you-can-eat sushi, they inquired about my recent stay in Rome. It was clear from their questions that they, like most Catholics, hadn’t followed the Synod of Bishops too closely. In their defense, not everyone has ...read more
I never lived in a “kingdom” until I studied in the Middle East. For several years of my graduate studies in Sacred Scripture, I had the privilege of accompanying then-Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Michel Sabbah to Amman, Jordan once a month to lecture to his priests (Jordan is also part of the Latin Patriarchate of ...read more
God works in mysterious ways, as you all know. The story I’m about to tell you now has a special link to my past…. About 12 years ago, I was living in a house full of consecrated women in the Regnum Christi Movement. I don’t remember exactly how it came up, but one young woman ...read more
As you may have read in previous posts, Salt and Light’s first angelic experience in the city said to offer just that, came in the form of a shiny statue (and might I add, quite the keepsake!). Our second however, came in the form of a tour guide, restaurant connoisseur, museum expert, knower of LA’s ...read more
This week on The World I Know we look at Kindness. In the first segment of this show, Rachel DeSa introduces us to Kindness and how it is lived in the school community. A grade five student at Guardian Angels school in the Toronto area at the time, she had Kindness written on her face. ...read more
Here at Salt+Light we’re all world travelers at heart. Physically we’re sitting at our desks in Toronto….but mentally we’re all off in different far flung places. We’re not the only people like this, apparently. Our friends at H20 News in Rome (where most of us would like to be) have Madrid on the brain. Even ...read more
“We must give the ‘holiness’ back to this Land.” stressed the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Archbishop Fouad Twal.  Our visit with him was the last item on our itinerary, just hours before we flew back to Canada. His Beatitude explained that different groups want to control the Land – but they forget that ...read more
Besides the stations along the Via Dolorosa there are many holy sites to visit – areas where it is traditionally held that Christ was held in prison, where he was scourged, where he was condemned, and so on. You may have noticed during many of my blogs from the Holy Land, I have referred to ...read more